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Queen Ann Soforth of Oogaboo
Queen Ann is an overzealous leader of the smallest and poorest kingdom in Oz.  She refuses to sweep the floor of her castle and instead decides to take over Oz with an army made up of 17 of the 18 men in her kingdom.  Needless to say, it doesn’t go too well because Glinda (we know her) reroutes the roads to make the little rag-tag army get stuck in mountains. 

This is a jelly blue with blue-green sparkles and a small amount of glow in the dark pigment.  It goes on fairly shear but with a jelly sandwich it would look amazing.  One coat, two coats, one coat over black.

Betsy Bobbin
Betsy is a year older than Dorothy and from Oklahoma.  She and her mule Hank get washed up after a storm where they end up in a place called the Rose Kingdom.  The only human is the Royal Gardener; every one else is a face on a rose bush.   He says that they are trespassing and will be put to death immediately but just at that instant the Shaggy Man falls through the roof eating an apple.

Matte glitter with tiny pink, red, and salmon, medium green and blue, and large black circles.  I’m smitten with it!

The Shaggy Man-
The Shaggy Man was sent to find his brother by Ozma, the queen of Oz.  Ozma has given the Shaggy Man the love magnet which used to hang over the Emerald City’s entrance to aid him on his quest.   The Shaggy Man's brother disappeared from a Colorado mine, and the suspicion is that the Nome King kidnapped him.  So with the help of a vast cast of characters, and many magical devices, the adventure unfolds.

This is a clear base with micro-fine emerald glitter, small, medium, and large hex glitter of emerald, gold, copper, red, spring green, red squares, gold squares, and green squares.  Needless to say, it’s a really lovely fall foliage look.  Shown in one and two coats and one coats over OPI’s Jade is the New Black.

Ozga the Rose Princess-
Despite objections from the roses that they do not want a female ruler, the Shaggy Man and Betsy pick a ripe princess to from the Royal Garden.  She is Ozga, a cousin of Ozma, but she is rejected by the other roses and decides to take up her new friends mission to rescue Shaggy Man’s brother.

This is a deep shade of lavender with blue, purple, and rainbow flakies in it.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was making it but it’s similar to Cult Nails Seduction.  One coat, two coats, and one coat over black.

In Oz, rainbows are graced by the Daughters of the Rainbow, who dance down the multicolored arch to touch the earth.  Polychrome was fairylike and most beautiful of the Daughters of the Rainbow, making her the sweetest and merriest, but also the most reckless.  While the other daughters knew that touching the ground was a dangerous pastime, as the rainbow could disappear at any moment, Polychrome was enjoying herself so much she didn’t even realize that her bow had disappeared, carrying her sisters back to their Sky Palaces.  Betsy Bobbin spies Polychrome crouching pitifully on a rock, waiting for her rainbow to return to fetch her.

Many kinds of glitter in this one, silver squares, turquoise holo hexes, pink holo hexes, blue hexes, small purple hexes, gold holo hexes, black little hexes, gunmetal hexes, black squares, and turquoise micro-shimmer make up this fairly crazy and awesome rainbow/mermaid tail polish.  One coat and two coats.

Tik-Tok is a very strange circular clockwork man who is metal with copper joints and speaks like a robot would, one.sy.ab.le.a.t.a.time.  He was thrown into a well by the Nome King, where the growing party finds him and pulls him out.  Rescued,, he joins them on their quest.

This is a firey-orange with red shimmer undertones.  It does have some red flakies in it but they are very hard to see and not at all prominent. 

Private Files
Private Files was the only Private in Queen Ann Soforth of Oogaboo’s army.  (The other 16 are officers.)  Queen Ann  demands that Files conquer the traveling party. despite being outnumbered.  Files refuses and resigns from the army because binding harmless women and children is against his morals. 

This is a glitter polish with red, white, black, and silver holo squares, white and holo hexes, and a red micro-shimmer undertone.  Shown in one and two coats.

The Nome King
Now we get to the villains! The Nome King, also known as the Metal Monarch, formerly Roquat until he drank from the Waters of Oblivion, forgot his own name and gave himself a new one (Ruggedo).  Ruggedo owns all the metal that lies underground.  He has also presumably captured Shaggy Man’s brother.  Shaggy Man convinces Ann and her Army to go and help them conquer him.

The Nome King is plainly put, a glitter bomb.  There are probably 50 kinds of glitter in here, so many that it would be pointless to try to name them all…

This is an immortal that lives on the other side of the world and is also known as The Great Jinjin.  The party meets him after the Nome King sends them through the hollow tube.  Tittiti-Hoochoo is furious and vows revenge on the Nome King, so he sends the party back with a dragon called Quox.

Tittiti-Hoochoo is a pearl with color changing pigment.  Over black it looks reddish-purple but it was many different kinds of pigment so it will look different over every color.

Quox is the dragon sent to escort the party back through the tube by Tittiti-Hoochoo to be an ‘instrument of royal vengeance.’ So they fly/fall back through the Hollow Tube and return to Oz to extract Shaggy Man’s brother.

Quox is one of the new polished I’m most proud of.  It’s a combination of matte pink, red, lavender, turquoise, fine blue, and large purple hex’s with a micro-shimmering turquoise background to it. 

The Long-Eared Hearer
The Long-Eared Hearer is a minion of the Nome King who can hear things from great distances. And he’s a gnome.  So he lives underground. He also gets kicked in the rump by the nasty old Nome King.

This polish is a deep blue/purple jelly with black and white bar glitter and diamond holo glitter sparsely through out. 

Kaliko is the much abused right hand man to the Nome King.  He is fair, unlike his sovereign and really wants the best for the gnomes.  After the Nome King is conquered by the dragon and (mostly) the yellow hen he becomes the new king and helps Shaggy Man find his brother in the Metal Forest.

Kaliko is silver, purple, black, and white shard glitter and another of my favorites!

The Yellow Hen
The yellow hen is in truth the real victor over the Metal Monarch.  Little did we know however that gnomes are terrified of eggs because they are poisonous. 

This is a gold with a spectraflair gleem to it.  It goes on a little sheer but as you can see from the photo’s, three very thin coats do the trick.  The photos are of one, two, and three coats respectively.

We all know who she is but in this story he doesn’t play such a significant role, that said, I simply couldn’t leave her out!

This is black and white shards mixed with pink holo hexes.

We meet Dorothy at the end of the book where she resides in the palace with Ozma.  She becomes fast friends with Betsy immediately.  I choose blue because who can forget her beautiful dress?

This is a blue/cerulean color with spectraflair.  It covers well in two coats.

Again, someone we know but in the final parts of the story Dorothy gets to hear Toto finally speak because all animals can talk in Oz.  I figured he just had to get a color!

This is a deep purple with turquoise micro-shimmer.  

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